Corcra customers save on average £8,000 per HGV each year

As a Transport Manager / Operator your job may be tough and fleet management can be difficult. Let us help.

Corcra utilises the latest technologies in telematics & compliance, making fleet management, easy & efficient. Using our unique tracking & fuel monitoring solutions, analysing aspects such as drivers’ hours, routes driven, driver behaviour & fuel economy couldn’t be easier. With ongoing support, account management & driver training, Corcra can help your business become more efficient & more profitable. 

We also offer our expert assistance in providing equipment to improve organisation & assure compliance to match current regulations. With fitted on-board cameras & remote tachodata downloads, you can operate your fleet in a safe & legal manner without any of the hassle.

We’re so confident that our system can significantly add value to your business, we’re willing to prove it with a free trial, that way you can see real results for yourself with your own fleet.

How does it work?

Created by our in-house development team, our Track Smart, Fuel Smart & bespoke web app solutions guarantee to deliver a return on investment immediately & the ultimate solution for fleet management.

Data from CAN bus, tachograph, on-board CCTV & trailer tracking can be included on web-based reports, allowing you to keep track of your fleet & make informed business decisions. All our apps provide functionality for instant delivery confirmation, along with signature capture & vehicle defects, cutting down on time and paperwork.

The Figures

  • £8,000 average annual saving per HGV
  • £3,000 average annual saving per LCV
  • 32 hours saved Downloading Tacho Data per vehicle, per year
  • 8% increase in economy when using Corcra’s Fuel Smart and Driver Training solutions
  • 40% reduction in Road Traffic Accidents in cabs that have Cameras installed